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  • “For me, one of the most gratifying moments of being an Esthetician is seeing the positive reactions I receive from my clients after I give them a facial treatment. A client has to have confidence in their esthetician to perform extractions the proper way. Extractions and peels are my specialty. Let me perform your extractions the right way. I want you to leave looking better than you did coming in.”

    Melissa M.
    Medical Esthetician
    schedule with melissa
  • schedule with melissa

Why Get a Facial

  • When you have acne or other skin problems, you eventually learn that smelly portions and soothing massage is not going to solve the deep-pore issues. Melissa listens to your skin-history, has a good look, and gets cracking. She cleans, she steams, and she extracts and from my experience, leaves no trace of the extraction. I went in with spots, I came out with no spots, and not only is my skin still glowing 10 days on and I have not a trace sign of another spot.

    - Laura T.
  • Melissa is a fun, loving and gifted professional. I see here regularly, trust her completely and couldn’t be happier with her services. My skin has a healthy glow and I have received many compliments from family, friends and even strangers. I would highly recommend Melissa to anyone that is looking for an knowledge and experienced skin care professional.

    - Jackie S.
  • Melissa has helped me with my skin to the point where I can look at myself and not cringe at all the flaws. She not only cleans and clears your skin, she educates you on how to get the most optimal results.

    - Grace W.
  • Extractions are Melissa’s real genius zone-she gets EVERY pore and afterwards there’s no redness or irritation. The next morning after extractions with her my bare skin honestly looks airbrushed-flawless and glowing. I used to avoid the expense of facials, but in retrospect it kills me knowing I could have had clear skin years ago had I just bit the bullet and gone to see Melissa sooner. I am so grateful for her.

    - Ana W.
  • I am one of Melissa’s clients. She is amazing. She really takes her time and gives you so much personal care. I would not go to anyone else, period. I never knew my skin could look so good. She has educated me how to improve my skin with my eating and everything that I do. I think she is certainly the best I have been to.

    - Janet C
  • Melissa is the best! I have been going to her for facials for two years now and my skin has never looked this good. She is a pleasure to chat to “warm, funny & genuine” and I look forward to our meetings, confident that I can relax and let her take care of my skin. I have combination skin and need regular extractions. The diamond peel which Melissa gives me keeps my skin looking good for longer than it has with any other esthetician I’ve tried. She offers sound advice on skincare (and gently reprimands me when I don’t follow it!) I feel truly fortunate to have found her.

    - Lucy N
  • I’ve been going to Melissa for facials for a year now, and I don’t even want to THINK about what my skin would look like now if it weren’t for her. I went through some pretty rough breakouts, and Melissa was there for me with her amazing extraction skills to save me just in time

    - Jessica B